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Wsken X-Cable Mini 2

Posted by Synetictech 15/08/2017 0 Comment(s) Shopping,Gadget News,

Wsken is designed for both Android (Micro-USB) and iPhone (Lightning). We’ve also designed a Lightning Magnetic Adapter for regular iPhone cables.



1. Very high quality, operation is possible in any situation.
2. Strong magnetic and not easy to fall off.
3. Cable material: anti-winding nylon.
4. Charging port, USB port, and connector made with metal. Not easy scratch.
5. Fast charging speed - Max 2.4A.
6. Supports 480-Mbps transmission speed.
7. Support data transfer and charging.
8. Compatible for any Apple lightning version and Micro USB device.
9. Through pulling in and out test 30,000 times.
10. Mini charging port design is small enough to fit most cases in the market.
11. Cable length: 1 meter
12. 1 year warranty.
13. Package Included:
1 Cable
1 Micro USB connector
1 Remover
1 User Manual

Available Adapter For : Android / Iphone


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